Who are you?
Alex Manson-Smith and Sarah Thompson. Nice to meet you.


So you’ve got kids, then?
Sarah’s got Stanley, 9, and Betty, 7  and Alex has Emilio, 5, and Xavier, 3. They are the funniest, cleverest, most beautiful kids in the world. Just like everyone else’s kids.


Stanley, Emilio and Betty. Xavier took the picture.

Do you two go far back?
To the dawn of time. We grew up together in Birmingham (we know that when we say that, it’s tempting to repeat it back at us in a Brummie accent. You are not the first person to do this, OK?) And, yes, it’s nicer than you think. Did you know it’s got more parks than any other European city? Well it has, so there.


Back in the dark days, before the Brazilian blowdry.

Do you by any chance have a book of this blog? 

Why yes, we do! You can buy it here

Do you do anything else, besides carp on about motherhood?

In our other lives, we’re both journalist-slash-copywriters. You can read more about us here: